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System Requirement: Windows 9x,me,xp, NT, Vista, Windows 7.

When purchase it, please send the serial number to us by E-mail (do not need connect internet to register in mysite when setup). After validated, Mathsay with the serial number can be download from "User Download" or can be sent to you by Email from us. When renewedly setup after formalizing your PC, you can send us new serial number  by E-mail. It will be free that we send the software with new serial number to you.

Goods and services provided by Golden Oct. Computer Network Service Co., Ltd (P. R. China).
Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).

Mathsay 4.5H    Download (trial version, 6M size)   Purchase    ($22)

Mathsay 4.5C     Download (trial version, 6.5M size)   Purchase    ($37)

Mathsay3D         Download (trial version, 5M size)   Purchase    ($22)

Buyer Download  (4.5H, 6M Size)

Buyer Download  (4.5C, 6.5M Size)

Buyer Download  (3D,5M Size)

Pay attention:

1. After finishing payment, please send your serial number to us. After affirmed by  2CheckOut.com Inc,  Mathsay (with serial number) will be sent to you within 30 hours.

2. Unzip first. Please read "read me", before setup;

3. If size < 6M or 5M, please download again.

4. Serial number will be showed after exit trial version

User Manual ( Free )     Word File     PDF File
     update in Jun. 2011